Modern Boutique Hotel in Kathmandu

Modern Boutique Hotel In Kathmandu’s Guide: Kathmandu for Art Lovers

Kathmandu is a place where tourists are drawn because of the city’s rich culture and vast history. It is also a cultural and historical treasure in the middle of the Himalayas. Modern Boutique hot…
Daycation in the Best Hotel In Kathmandu Nomad-Lazimpat

Daycation in Nomad Hotel : A perfect destination to comfort and relaxation

Daycation, at the current time it is the best option for a quick escape from your regular schedule without having the trouble  of packing and lodging. It can be very challenging to find the t…
Best Hotel In Kathmandu - Piano Piano Kathmandu

Italian Wines in Kathmandu: A Grand Expedition Through Our Modern Selection

Italian wines are unique in their own way, so are their making process. Winemaking is a way of showcasing craftsmanship, passion, and dedication. It is an ever-evolving world of winemaking. The wi…
Italina Dining In Kathmandu | Piano Piano

Piano Piano: From Aperitif to Digestive, Unveiling the Ritual of Italian Dining

Bruschetta ai Funghi  “Bruschetta ai Funghi” is a delicious snack from Italy that attracts your mouth with earthy, rich flavors. Perfectly toasted crusty bread slices are topped broadl…
Piano Piano | Italian cuisine restaurant in Kathmandu

Italian Cuisine in Kathmandu: A Prelude to Piano Piano’s Pizza Paradise

Kathmandu is a city where traditional meets contemporary, a place where you can begin your culinary journey, a destination where you can get a discerning taste of local and international cuisine a…
nomad best hotel in kathmandu - paino piano kathmandu menu

Best Restaurants in Kathmandu Near me (Nomad Hotel, Lazimpat)

The capital city of Kathmandu is famous for its breathtaking landscape, cultural heritage, traditions, and variety of cuisines. Nepal is a country of ‘4Jaat and 36 Barna’; hence in Kathmandu, you …
family friendly hotel in kathmandu

Family Friendly Hotel in Kathmandu: Embrace Unforgettable Family Moments

Traveling is one of the quality times we want to spend with our family, isn’t it? Traveling creates wonderful and joyful memories. If we want to explore the cultural heritage and soak in the beaut…
nomad best hotel in kathmandu - modern boutque hotel in lazimpat - hero image 3

Exploring Luxury Hotel in Kathmandu: Unveiling the Epitome of Luxury

Are you planning to take off on an exploration of a new destination? Finding a luxury hotel in Kathmandu can be a difficult thing to do. Nepal can be your choice if you are fond of culture, mo…

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