Italian Wines in Kathmandu: A Grand Expedition Through Our Modern Selection

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25 March, 2024

Italian wines are unique in their own way, so are their making process. Winemaking is a way of showcasing craftsmanship, passion, and dedication. It is an ever-evolving world of winemaking. The wine has the power to elevate your dining experience, which can take you to the next level. The right wine can make you feel the experience in an expensive and contemporary way. At Piano Piano, you can find wines ranging from light and floral to bold and fruity that give you a delightful taste with every sip. Similarly, the in-house chef also gives you a  recommendation for wine that goes perfectly with your dish. Therefore, get ready to explore and dive into the blog of wine.

About wine

The origins of wine can be traced back thousands of years. Some of the findings suggest that ancient communities were fermenting grapes and producing what can be considered early forms of wine. You can find wine that pairs with chocolate, vegan foods, herbs and spices, cheese, barbecue, and other basic dishes.

In the past wine was consumed and was also considered a source of substance and a safeguard against impure water. It is a significant aspect of the industry. It is used on occasions ranging from big to small. It makes the people immerse themselves in the cultural and scenic aspects of the wine region.


Piano Piano at Nomad Hotel invites you to embark on a profound journey of meticulously cultured modern Italian wine selection that goes perfectly with the Italian cuisines. You can find robust red, the refreshing allure of whites, and the enchanting charm of other wines. Piano Piano promises you an adventure tailored to satisfy the taste of every wine seeker seeking a refined experience. Transcend the boundaries of tradition and venture into the contemporary allure of Italian viticulture behind each glass of wine.

The selection of wine at Piano Piano is full of savor stories, flavors, and nuances that define their experience of wine. The restaurant recommends a wine that will go perfectly with the dish you order. You can find champagne and sparkling, white, rosé, or red choices of your wine. Likewise, you can also find varieties of wine from different countries, such as Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, and Spain.

These wines have very good feedback and ratings from the customers. So, visit Piano Piano at Nomad Hotel Lazimpat if you are fond of wines, where you can find more than 30 different types of wine. Therefore, make sure to visit Piano Piano to explore Italian cuisine restaurant and celebrate the richness of wines with us.

Italian Wines

What does wine reflect?

A bottle of wine is filled with cultural practices, unique challenges and blessings, wine maker’s stories and many other things that reflect the intricate and interconnected world of wine. The wine is influenced by its age in oak barrels, which gives it the perfect texture, structure, and aromatic complexity. Therefore, wine reflects things such as:

Cultural Significance

Wine can be a symbol of conviviality, a thread that weaves through the tapestry of human history. This converts people to the rich cultural heritage that evolves in their own countries. Wine is mostly used in festivals and harvest celebrations in most countries. Winemaking itself is a form of cultural expression. It reflects the unique terroir of their region and carries the craftsmanship.

The art of wine making

The art of winemaking can be seen throughout the winemaking process. From cultivating grapes to their aging and every sip of it. It is a timeless craft that weaves together tradition and innovation. Winemaking reflects a century-old tradition that merges science, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the land. This skill perfectly depends upon the balance that harmonizes the characteristics of each component.

Wine and cuisine paring

The pairing of wine and cuisine complements and enhances the flavor of the dish. Likewise, it balances the texture of food, and you can explore, which helps you get a personal preference. It is like a creative journey to celebrate with different flavors. The right wine has the power to elevate a meal. You can take your meal to the next level with the right choice of wine.

Diversity of varieties

The varieties of wine are vast and continuously expanding all around the world. Wine has different varieties. This variety represents a fraction of the diverse world of wine. The hidden gems enrich the wine experiences, offering a spectrum of taste and experience that caters to a wine range of preferences. The varieties of wine reflect the culture of a country as well.

Types of Italian wines available at Piano Piano

The red wine is made from dark-color grapes, which have flavors ranging from bold and tannic to fruity and complex. Similarly, white wines are made from green or yellowish grapes that are light and fresh in comparison to red ones. Last but not least, rosé wines are made from red grape skins with brief contact with the grape juice. This gives a dry to sweet taste to the wine. The wines available at Piano Piano are,

Rosé Radiance

Add a touch of romance to your wine odyssey with our modern rosé selection. Piano Piano has a rosé collection that epitomizes the versatility and charm of Italian winemaking, offering a delightful middle ground for those seeking a balance of flavors.

Vesper Rosato, Fontana Di Papa NV

Lazio- Italy

Vesper Rosato is a rosé wine made from Sangiovese, Merlot, and Montepulciano. It is likely to display a beautiful pink hue with flavors that may include red berries, cherries, and a refreshing acidity.

V Anima Raimat Rs ECO, 2021 Bio-dynamic

Costers del Segre- Spain

The V Anima Raimat Rs ECO 2021 is a biodynamic Rosé wine from the Costers del Segre region in Spain. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are used in this wine which contributes to a well-balanced and expressive profile.

Taso Real Tempranillo, 2020

Castilla- Spain

The wine Taso Real Tempranillo is made from the grape variety Tempranillo. This variety is a well-known grape variety in Spain, and wines made from it often exhibit flavors of red and dark fruits, such as cherry and plum, and sometimes notes of vanilla or spice.

Rosé SI L.G.P. Deumani 2017- Bio-dynamic

Tuscany- Italy

Rosé wines made from Syrah grapes often exhibit a beautiful pink color and may offer a range of flavors, including red berries, strawberries, and floral notes. This wine is great for enjoying with light salads, seafood, grilled vegetables, or as a refreshing aperitif.

Red Revelations

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our modern red wines. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, our red wine selection offers a symphony of tastes, each bottle a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. The starting price of red wine is between Rs.800 to Rs.18000. Some of the famous red wines of Piano Piano are:

Lolita Vicentle Faria,2021

Vinho Tinto- Portugal

The wine, Lolita Vicentle Faria, is from Portugal. This wine is especially made with the specified grape varieties, like Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Trincadeira, and Touriga Franca.

Oreno Toscana IGT  (Indicazione Geografica Tipica), Tenuta Sette Ponti, 2018

Tuscany- Italy

It is a kind of wine that is well-structured with good aging potential and has a smooth, velvety texture. The wine is often made by using varieties of grapes like Merlot, with contributions from Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.

Biscardo ‘Enigma’ Rubicone IGT, 2021

Rubicone- Italy

The Biscardo ‘Enigma’ Rubicone IGT is a wine from Italy, specifically classified under the Rubicone IGT designation. It is made with Sangiovese grapes. Therefore, if you have this bottle of wine, make sure to enjoy it with Italian dishes, particularly those that pair well with Sangiovese’s bright acidity and cherry fruit flavors.

Girolamo Russo Etna Rosso A’Rina, 2019

Feudo di Mezzo

This wine goes perfectly with grilled meats, pasta dishes, or aged cheeses. It is made with varieties of grapes such as Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. These grapes are commonly used in the production of Etna Rosso wines.

Vina Pomal Crianza, Vina Pomal, 2017

Rioja- Spain

Rioja is very fresh, light, and well made, with a hint of oak in the cherry flavors. The wine is highly aromatic. It goes perfectly with dishes that traditionally pair with red vintage wine. The red grape used in this wine is Tempranillo.

Terra Argenta Malbec 2021

Mendoza- Argentina

Terra Argenta Malbec is among the top 8% of the wine region. It has a bold and peppery Malbec with mocha. The aroma of wine is like black fruit, charcoal, and mocha. It has a dark red color and could be combined with spicy dishes.

Massolino Barolo, D.O.C.G, Massolino 2018

Piedmont- Italy

The wine is made with the grape Nebbiolo, which imparts flavors of red fruits such as cherry and raspberry. The wine has high acidity and firm tannins. This drink complements rich and savory dishes.

Crognolo Toscana I.G.T. Tenuta Sette Ponti

Tuscany, Italy, 2020

The red wine Crognolo Toscana is from Tuscany, Italy, and is made with Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. The taste of the wine makes almost every dish perfectly balanced with the wine.

Nere IGT, Feudo Maccari 2019 


Feudo Maccari has a red berry aroma with herbal and fruity notes. The wine exhibits a robust character, medium to full body, and a velvety texture. The wine’s bold flavors complement the rich and savory elements of the dishes you choose.

Vesper Merlot, La Carraia 2019


La Carraia has ripe red fruit flavors such as plum and cherry, chocolate, and vanilla with a hint of herbal elements. The wine can be enjoyed with a range of dishes, such as grilled or roasted meat, pasta, and other dishes.

White Wonders

From the lively Pinot Grigio to the aromatic Vermentino, we guide you through a spectrum of delightful flavors. Whether you crave a crisp pairing with seafood or a fuller-bodied experience with pasta, our modern whites cater to every taste preference. The famous white wines of Piano Piano are:

Vesper Sauvignon Blanc, D.O.C. 2020

Friuli- Italy

Sauvignon Blanc is a widely recognized white grape known for its bright acidity and characteristic flavors of citrus, green apple, and sometimes tropical fruits. Vesper Sauvignon Blanc D.O.C. 2020 is likely to showcase these typical Sauvignon Blanc characteristics, providing a crisp and lively profile.

Langhe D.O.C. Massolino 2020

Langhe- Italy

This wine is made with Chardonnay which is a versatile grape known for producing a wide range of wine styles. The Langhe D.O.C. Massolino is from the Langhe region and showcases a combination of fresh and vibrant fruit flavors.

Olli I.G.P., Feudo Maccari 2021


The Olli I.G.P. Feudo Maccari is a white wine produced in Sicily, Italy, by the winery Feudo Maccari. This wine is made with Grillo grapes that often exhibit bright acidity, citrus notes, and a refreshing profile.

Lolita Vinhno Verde DOC, 2022

Vinho Verde- Portugal

The wine Lolita Vinho Verde is made with Loureiro and Arinto grapes. It can be a delightful accompaniment to seafood, salads, and lighter fare. It’s also an excellent choice for outdoor gatherings or picnics, offering a refreshing and crisp profile.

Sherpa Blanc, Vins Des Chevaliers 2015 Valais, Switzerland

Valais- Switzerland

The Sherpa Blanc from Vins Des Chevaliers is a Swiss white wine from the Valais region, specifically from the 2015 vintage. The wine is a blend of varieties of grapes such as Helda, Blanc de Pinot Noir, and Ghasse, and is likely to offer a unique flavor profile.

Conclusion: Ready to Taste the wine?

The modern era represents wine as just a beverage, but in the past it was a culture, an appreciation of craftsmanship, and a dynamic relationship between nature and human ingenuity. Piano Piano invites you to uncork a bottle and savor the diverse essence in every sip and reflects the italian cuisine. You can experience the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines both wine and the dish. The collection of wine at Piano Piano is diverse and evolves the spirit of winemaking in different countries. The flavors and nuanced aromas of wine reveal the intricacies of each varietal and blend.

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