Piano Piano

Delectable Italian favorites paired with a selection of wines fit for a connoisseur.

With an upscale setting that’s both intimate and elegant, Piano Piano is an Italian Baccari-style restaurant serving up simple but authentic Italian flavors with delectable dishes. At Piano Piano, the wine bar takes center stage, offering one of the best selections of fine Italian wines in Kathmandu. As one of the in-house restaurants in the Nomad hotel, Piano Piano has quickly become a go-to place for both locals and travelers who love a thoroughly Italian experience.

Opening Hours

4:00 PM – 10:00 PM


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Are there any Italian restaurants in Kathmandu that offer authentic Italian cuisines?
Yes, Nomad Hotel Lazimpat Piano Piano Kathmandu offers authentic Italian cuisine. We do have Italian chefs and use genuine Italian ingredients to provide an authentic dining experience.
Do Italian restaurants in Kathmandu serve alcohol?
Some Italian restaurants in Kathmandu do serve alcohol, including wine competing well with Italian cuisines. However, not all Italian restaurants in Kathmandu serve alcohol. In Nomad, we do serve fine Italian wines in Kathmandu. We also have varieties of wine collection from Italy and Spain.
Do Italian Restaurants in Kathmandu offer takeaway or delivery services?
Piano Piano Kathmandu offers takeaways and delivery through our partners such as Pathao, Bhoj and Foodmandu.
What are the opening hours of Piano Piano?
The opening hour is 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
Where is Nomad Hotel located?

Nomad Hotel is located in Lazimpat. Lazimpat is the prime location in Kathmandu and can act as your center point to navigate the outskirts and suburbs of Kathmandu. If you have any difficulty finding, you can find us on google maps : Nomad Hotel Lazimpat.


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