Italian Cuisine in Kathmandu: A Prelude to Piano Piano’s Pizza Paradise

Piano Piano | Italian cuisine restaurant in Kathmandu
19 December, 2023

Kathmandu is a city where traditional meets contemporary, a place where you can begin your culinary journey, a destination where you can get a discerning taste of local and international cuisine and an area where you can explore unique creations. Piano Piano Kathmandu is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Kathmandu, with best italian cuisine, where you can find strong, flavorful dishes and a variety of wines. The pizza at Piano Piano stands out with its creations and the flavors of Italy.

As you navigate Kathmandu’s culinary landscape, Piano Piano awaits you as a culinary maestro, ready to enchant your senses and taste palate. Similarly, Piano Piano presents a carefully curated wine selection that you must taste. Whether you are a seasoned explorer of Italian cuisine or a curious newcomer, Piano Piano promises a dining experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Introduction: Piano Piano Kathmandu

Piano Piano Kathmandu is a restaurant where you will experience an exceptional dining experience that goes beyond the confines of the location. The restaurant resembles itself as transcending the ordinary and indulging in a symphony of flavors that resonates far beyond the realms of geography. The dishes of Piano Piano bring the authentic flavors of Italy to the vibrant streets of Kathmandu. Each bite is a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and the essence of Italy’s culinary heritage.

The restaurant serves authentic Italian classics: savor the rich flavors, you can experience the culinary finesse of each bite, celebrate culinary innovation with Italian dishes, and last but not least, refresh your senses with its vibrant wine. Each wine bottle is chosen with precision, enhancing the flavors of the dishes. Therefore, the restaurant Piano Piano is your passport to a world of global culinary excellence.

Lazimpat’s Culinary Jewel: Piano Piano as the Best Italian Cuisine Haven

Piano Piano is a heaven dedicated to crafting the perfect Italian pizza. The restaurant serves genuine Italian pizza. The restaurant serves genuine flavors and authentic Italian culinary traditions. The atmosphere of the restaurant is really sophisticated and warm. The rustic yet contemporary decor sets the stage for an intimate and inviting setting.

As the restaurant Piano Piano is situated as a central hub, it is easy for guests to get access to the restaurant. It is a convenient destination for those who are exploring the city or seeking a culinary retreat in the heart of Kathmandu. Piano Piano leverages Lazimpath’s dynamic spirit to create a distinctive and welcoming ambiance for patrons seeking an authentic Italian culinary experience.

Italian Culinary Symphony: Beyond Pizzas at Piano Piano

Let’s begin with the starters first.

Antipasti: starters bursting with freshness:

The antipasto of Piano Piano has a variety of dishes. The dish has unique names, and the flavors are extraordinary.


A grilled vegetable in agrodolce sauce. Order Caponata and taste the grilled vegetables, capers, and olives bathed in an agrodolce sauce.

Bruschetta AI Funghi:

It is a trio of grilled mushrooms on creamed corn. It is served as the sweet and sour harmony of grilled mushrooms perched on a bed of creamed corn and salsa verde.

Bruschetta Caprese A Modo Mio:

It is a dish with mozzarella topped with roasted tomatoes and fresh basil pesto. Bruschetta Caprese A Modo Mio is made with premium ingredients.

Formaggio E Carciofi:

A dish where velvety creamed cheese combines with the smokiness of garlic artichokes. The creamy flavor of the dish complements the fresh ingredients.

Verdure Fritte:

It is a tempura-style veggie where fritters are served with a zesty citrus aioli. This is a refreshing and innovative dish in the Antipasti lineup of Piano Piano.

Arancini Di Pollo:

A dish where sticky rice balls are filled with succulent chicken ragu and gooey mozzarella. One of the unique appetizers on the Piano Piano menu.

Insalata Pollo:

This dish is a balance of roasted chicken, fruits, toasted seeds, olives, and capers added with layers of complexity to the vibrant salad.


This is one of the promising and delightful seafoods of Piano Piano. The dish is served with succulent shrimp grilled in confit with garlic and chili flakes. It is also served with white wine and focaccia.

Here comes the main course:

Piatto Principale: Symphony of Flavors

Risotto Verde: Arborio rice enriched with the nutty crunch of roasted almonds and cashews. A luscious green herb and parmesan blend weave through, while mushrooms add an earthy depth, creating a harmonious and comforting main course.

Braciola Di Maiale: 

The pasta Braciole Di Maiale is crowned with mozzarella, cherry tomato salsa, the succulence of grilled pork, green beans, and baby potatoes. This dish has a robust flavor that defines Italian culinary excellence.

Gnocchi Di Ricotta:

Blistered cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and kale come together to create this variety of pasta. This dish showcases the delicate balance of soft texture and flavors unique to Italian cuisine.

Ravioli AI Spinaci:

Spinach and ricotta-filled ravioli mixed with tomato sauce. In this pasta, each delicate bite bursts with fresh ingredients.

Orecchiette Con Salumi Piselli:

This pasta is made with cherry tomatoes, green pea cream, and peck. Traditional ear-shaped pasta is used in Orecchiette Con Salumi Piselli.

Tagliatelle Alla Puttanesca:

Tagliatelle alla Puttanesca is an intensely flavorful pasta that is made with squid ink, tomato sauce, olives, capers, anchovies, and chili flakes.

Falsi Carbonara:

Falsi Carbonara is classic with contemporary flair. It is made with spaghetti pasta with guanciale, added creamy egg and cheese cream, and a touch of pepper that come together to create an extraordinary dish.

Pollo E Patate AL Formaggio:

Pollo E Patate Al Formaggio is a pasta variety that is served with chicken breast and cheese. They consist of side dishes like mashed potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and a vibrant green salad.

Complete your culinary odyssey at Piano Piano with an enchanting desert. 

Dolce: Sweet ending

Torta Di Mele:

It is an apple cake layered with a velvety white chocolate ganache consisting of fresh apple slices and a hint of cinnamon. The dessert has the perfect balance of sweetness and warmth.


This is the dessert, with decadent chocolate cake layered with loganberry compote for a burst of fruity delight. Cioccolato is a symphony of indulgence for chocolate enthusiasts.

Crostata Di Matcha:

A Pate Sucree base is the perfect canvas for the subtle bitterness of matcha ganache and the richness of almond buttercream. This dessert is a sophisticated and delightful treat for the taste bud.

Navigating Pizza Paradise at Piano Piano

Piano Piano serves a variety of dishes, from traditional classics to innovative creations. Each of the dishes here is a diverse selection and caters to a spectrum of tastes. The ingredients for pizza are premium, and with every bite of pizza, you can taste the work of art, and your palate will find pleasure. Here are some of the star creations and the customary favorites dishes that have captured the hearts and taste buds of the patrons.


Margherita is the classic pizza filled with flavorful succulent tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fresh aromatic basil. You can feel the burst of sun-ripened flavor with each slice of margherita pizza from Piano Piano.


Diavola is more than just a pizza, it is an explosion of flavors that ignites the senses of your taste buds. It consists seamlessly with the gooey good amount of mozzarella cheese added with the savory and spicy pepperoni, which makes an explosion of taste. Try Diavola pizza at Piano Piano, which is one of the best recommended pizzas on the pizza menu.


Another customer favorite pizza from the pizza menu of Piano Piano is Pollo. The Pollo gives you the experience of succulence of tender chicken, a hint of sweetness, vibrant peppers, a harmonious blend of Italian tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, and green olives that takes center stage of the dish. Indulge yourself with the Pollo Pizza of Piano Piano, that relishes a medley of flavors that unfolds with every bite.


The pizza carne is made with Italian canvas, mozzarella masterpiece, kielbasa extravaganza, bacon blush, and satisfying robust appetites. The good amount of Italian tomato, mozzarella cheese, kielbasa, and bacon creates a symphony of flavors that delight your palate.

Piano Piano: Standout Creations and Local Favorites

At Piano Piano, our standout creations and local favorites are more than just pizza. In the heart of Piano Piano’s pizza paradise lies a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. These notes are carefully composed to create standout creations and local favorites. All the dishes here define a unique story of culinary artistry and local adoration. The pasta and pizza are meticulously adorned with delightful flavors.

Piano Piano is a culinary sanctuary in Lazimpat. Step into Piano Piano, and you are greeted by an ambience that transcends the ordinary. The dining space is a canvas where every element contributes to the overall pleasure of your visit. The dishes made here not only showcase the culinary preferences but also pay homage to the vibrant community that has embraced the restaurant as a culinary haven.

The restaurant has exceptional food and a welcoming atmosphere for gathering with friends, families, and solo diners. Whether you are seeking a delightful meal, a glass of wine, or a place to connect, Piano Piano is the perfect place for you. The restaurant invites you to immerse yourself in a culinary journey that goes beyond expectation.

Nomad’s Slice: A Guide to Crafting Your Pizza Adventure at Piano Piano

Nomad Hotel is one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu near you that will help you create memorable, enriching, and fulfilling dining experiences. Likewise, Piano Piano is the restaurant under the roof of Nomad. You can enjoy a delightful dining experience at the restaurant. There are a variety of cuisines and wines to gulp down your tasty meal. As mentioned in the tasty and delightful menu, let me provide you with some tips while you visit Piano Piano.

Pizza and Pasta Pairing:

Both pizza and pasta are the main dishes at Piano Piano. You can get the ultimate Italian experience with each bite of the food. You will get a sample of a variety of flavors and make the communal dining experience more memorable.

Save a room for dessert:

Indulge in Piano Piano delightful Dolce selection to round off your meal with a touch of sweetness. Make sure to try out the Italian dessert after you try our Italian main course.

Feedback Matters:

Share your thoughts so that you can contribute to the evolving pizza adventure at Piano Piano. Whether it is a mini-adjustment or a groundbreaking idea, your insights propel us forward on the quest for perfection in the dish we serve.

Capture the moment:

Capture the moment to create lasting memories. Share your experience with your friends and family. Likewise, you can also share your culinary discoveries on social media platforms. These shorts transport you back to the joyous time you spent at Piano Piano.

Sip and savor:

Just as with each pizza at Piano Piano, the wine selection serves as an accent to your dining experience. You can find all kinds of wine that suit your taste and occasion. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you if you are unsure if the wine will complement your pizza.


Piano Piano is an Italian restaurant that adds an extra layer of charm to the dining experience. The restaurant stands as a culinary haven in Kathmandu, Lazimpat. Beyond pizzas, Piano Piano unveils a world of Italian delicacies, from antipasti bursting with freshness to Risotto Verde. The rich tapestry of flavors and the diverse offerings await you at the restaurant, Piano Piano.

The diverse menu, featuring classics like the Margherita and inventive delight, reflects the depth and breadth of Italy’s cuisine. In Piano Piano, you will find the freshness of the quality ingredients used in the dish and the celebration of authentic flavors. Therefore, our journey through this blog has unveiled the captivating allure of Italian cuisine, with a spotlight on the unique and rich offerings at Piano Piano. As a conclusion to this culinary exploration, we extend a warm invitation to our readers.


  1. How much does an Italian pizza cost in Nepal?

Italian pizza prices in Nepal vary based on factors like location, type, and dining setting. Different pizzerias offer a range of options, from basic Margheritas to specialty pizzas. Factors such as the venue’s ambiance, imported ingredients, and pizza size contribute to the overall cost, offering diverse choices for consumers.

  1. What makes pizza an Italian dish?

Pizza is considered an Italian dish due to its historical origins in Naples, Italy. The traditional Neapolitan pizza features a thin crust, simple tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, and olive oil—a combination that reflects the simplicity and quality of ingredients characteristic of Italian cuisine.

  1. What is an Italian style restaurant called?

A trattoria ( pl. : trattorie) is an Italian-style eating establishment that is generally much less formal than a ristorante, but more formal than an osteria.

  1. What makes an Italian restaurant?

Look for restaurants that serve meals that are heavy in vegetables, cheese, and lean meats and low in sauces and spices. The menu should feature only or predominantly Italian food. This majes Italian Cuisine as one of the most liked food all over the world.

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