The Best Hotel in Kathmandu: Discover Nomad Hotel Lazimpat

Best hotel in kathmandu
01 August, 2023

 Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal, is renowned for its cultural sites and natural beauty, which entice numerous visitors annually. Selecting the perfect hotel is crucial when planning a trip to Kathmandu. A comfortable and convenient stay can be ensured by taking into account factors such as location, price, and accommodations. It is crucial to thoroughly research the hotels before traveling. In Kathmandu, you can find various places that offer comfort, accessibility, and proximity to the city’s attractions.

How to discover the Best Hotels in Kathmandu?

While visiting Kathmandu, the place offers various activities. Dining at diverse restaurants, exploring local shops, immersing yourself in the vibrant nightlife, and sightseeing the city’s iconic landmarks are interesting activities.

There are lots of hotels that many travelers choose. Before you pick one, the hotels should have a convenient proximity to the city’s attractions, so guests can easily explore and immerse themselves in the vibrant Kathmandu experience. Every guest at the hotel should feel special and have a memorable stay with its provision of cozy rooms, superb dining selections, and exceptional customer service.

Location of your stay in the best hotel in Kathmandu

For first-time visitors, the ideal place to stay in Kathmandu is Lazimpat. Lazimpat offers exciting nightlife and a wealth of interesting attractions, and the Nomad Hotel is perfectly situated in this prime location. The Nomad Hotel Lazimpat provides not only an ideal location but also a range of first-rate amenities and services.

There are numerous historical sites, delightful restaurants, cozy cafes, and nearby the Nomad Hotel. The place stands out as one of the top choices for discerning travelers. Its affordable rates, delectable dining options, well-appointed rooms, and exceptional customer service make it a standout accommodation option in the area. Selecting a suitable hotel is very important for the following reasons:

  • Relaxing:

People take precious time from their busy schedules to relax in a new place and environment. A carefully selected hotel offers a cozy and rejuvenating setting where you can recover. For a relaxing stay, it offers warm accommodations, proper service, and a perfect setting according to your convenience.

  • Convenient access:

Conveniently located near the city’s attractions, dining spots, and entertainment offerings is what defines an ideal hotel. Through its capability, it will be easy for you to navigate and uncover the top highlights in Kathmandu, enriching your overall experience while simultaneously offering time-saving advantages.

  • Highest Quality Service:

Choosing the best hotel entails receiving services and facilities of the highest quality. A well-chosen hotel adds value to your stay and improves your overall satisfaction. It should provide best-in-class attentive customer service.

  • Proper safety and security:

The best hotels place a strong emphasis on safety and security, which cater to travelers. The hotels must have a serious security system, ensuring your peace of mind during your entire stay in Kathmandu. Proper safety and security hold great significance for all travelers.

Therefore, selecting the best hotel is very important while traveling. The traveler must rest and relax in order to continue their journey. There are lots of hotels in Kathmandu that are of paramount importance for a memorable and comfortable stay.

Decide the budget:

Consider your budget when picking the top hotel in Kathmandu. Formulating a budget beforehand assures that you only examine lodging options that suit both your preferences and your budget. When choosing a hotel in Kathmandu, keep the following financial considerations in mind:

  • Set a Budget:

You need to make a proper plan for your sendings before you start spending or pre-booking. Budget a fair amount for lodging costs after taking your travel budget overall into account. Sticking to the budget is very important.

  • Explore Your Accommodation Options:

Conduct a comprehensive inquiry into numerous accommodations in Kathmandu to learn about their various rates and services. Find hotels that fit within your spending limit while ensuring the comfort and convenience you seek.

  • Search for Different Hotel Categories:

From upscale hotels to affordable hotels, Kathmandu offers a variety of hotel categories. Consider your priorities and preferences to determine the category that satisfies your requirements and preferences while remaining within your support budget.

  • Long-Term Stays: 

Make sure you have a backup when planning a long stay in Kathmandu. For visitors staying longer than a specific number of nights, multiple hotels provide special offers and discount rates.

Always remember to find the ideal hotel in Kathmandu that provides both high quality and affordability. It can be accomplished by carefully weighing your options and ranking your needs.

Accommodations and Rooms

In Kathmandu, there are various accommodation choices available. You can always pick from a variety of lodging choices made to accommodate various needs and preferences. There are suitable room types to choose from. Traveling with friends and family is the most joyful event everyone plans. So, finding a comfortable and peaceful stay is very important. There are varieties of the best hotels in Kathmandu with top-notch accommodations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Standard Room: 

The standard room in Kathmandu offers a comfortable and tranquil setting. For those who are traveling alone or on a tight budget, the standard room is ideal. A lone visitor could feel at ease in the space. A comfortable bed, ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi are all included in the room’s amenities.

  • Deluxe room: 

In comparison to a standard room, a Deluxe room in Kathmandu offers a higher level of comfort and more space. These rooms are for couples and people who prefer a large setting. In addition to the standard room, there is a seating area, a desk, and a cabinet in the space.

  • Superior room:

A superior room is typically made to accommodate larger groups of guests, giving everyone plenty of space and privacy. These rooms connect to one another and offer additional bedding options. The room can only accommodate a group of friends or family members comfortably. Groups of people can stay comfortably in the room. They can get all the services they need, including additional necessities that can be requested.

  • Service Apartment:

A service apartment is like a rented flat with multiple rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can buy your own groceries, enjoy your meal at any time and have quality time with your friends and family. An apartment service is like a home where you can have lots of fun. Likewise, it can be for short- or long-term periods. You can feel at home in your booked apartment until you have booked it or for a longer period of time.

  • Suites: 

Suites in Kathmandu provide a luxurious experience. It is an upgraded version of the standard and deluxe rooms. They offer generous living space, separated sleeping areas, and other extra facilities. They often include a relaxing seating area, a luxurious bathroom, and sometimes a private balcony or terrace. Suites offer a higher standard of comfort. They are perfect for couples, special occasions, or visitors looking for a little extra luxury hence establishing us as the best luxurious hotel in Kathmandu too.

Irrespective of the room type you choose, Nomad Hotel guarantees a smooth check-in and checkout process. The typical check-in time is 2:00 PM. By doing so, guests are given ample time for both unpacking and enjoying their stay. Likewise, check-out is restricted to before noon, thus allowing you to enjoy a relaxed morning prior to your departure.

Factors to consider when looking for the best hotel in Kathmandu

You can find lots and lots of the best hotels inside Kathmandu, but finding the hotel alone is not enough. You have to consider different factors before you book the hotel. Focusing on different important factors makes your stay more enjoyable and satisfying. Some of the factors to be considered are:

  • Location: 

You should search for hotels that are near different iconic places you plan to visit, such as historical sites, restaurants, shopping centers, and others. It will help you minimize travel time as well as the cost of transportation fares. 

  • Price: 

Establish a spending limit and look for hotels that fit within it while still providing good value. Compare prices and take into account any extra fees or amenities.

  • Accommodation Options: 

Explore the types of rooms according to your convenience. You can choose standard rooms, deluxe rooms, suites, or family rooms that best suit your needs for space and comfort.

  • Reputation and Reviews: 

Look up the hotel’s reputation online and read customer testimonials posted on social media and travel websites. The reviews always help you determine how you perceive the hotel before you go there. 

  • Environmental Sustainability: 

Nowadays, there are many hotels that give high priority to eco-friendly practices. Search for hotels that have put sustainability first. These might include initiatives to reduce waste, partnerships with local communities to promote responsible tourism or energy-saving measures.

  • Hotel policies: 

Make sure you are familiar with the hotel’s policies regarding check-in and check-out times, smoking, and cancellation procedures. So, any other unique guidelines or limitations that might apply to your stay should be determined.

  • Transportation and Accessibility: 

Consider whether the hotel offers transportation or is accessible by public transportation. You may find it quicker and cheaper to travel to other locations or explore the city as a result.

  • Offerings of Hotels: 

Find out about the hotel’s options for weddings, conferences, and other gatherings if you’re celebrating a special occasion or organizing an event during your stay. Some hotels might offer event planning services and special event spaces. They might also provide certain discounts during the holiday season and festivals.

  • Cultural authenticity: 

Think about staying in a hotel that captures the spirit of Kathmandu if you want to fully experience the local culture. Look for accommodations that offer cultural experiences like local cuisine or cultural performances or that incorporate traditional design elements.

  • Family-friendly Facilities: 

Look for hotels that offer family-friendly features like kid’s clubs, playgrounds, or babysitting services if you’re traveling with kids. Check if the hotel provides extra beds as an added convenience.

Why is Lazimpat a prime location?

The ideal location of Lazimpat in Kathmandu provides a range of benefits, including comfort, security, and entertainment possibilities. Travelers seeking to experience the best of Kathmandu should stay here because of its close proximity to the city’s top attractions, extensive benefits, exciting nightlife, and global presence.

Lazimpat offers a comfortable base to discover and take in the wonders of the city, whether you’re a traveler, a foodie, or someone looking for an exciting nightlife experience. Lazimpat is regarded as a prime location in Kathmandu for a number of strong reasons. It is a highly sought-after area for tourists due to its proximity to important attractions. Famous sites like the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, the Garden of Dreams, and Kathmandu Durbar Square are easily accessible from Lazimpat. This convenience makes it simple to explore the city’s historical and cultural landmarks without having to travel far.

Nomad Hotel: The Best Hotel in Kathmandu

Find the best hotels in Kathmandu for your memorable and comfortable stay. The Nomad Hotel is here for you with its 5-star service. It has top-notch accommodations and very friendly and understanding customer service, which is very important during your stay at any hotel. 

The Nomad Hotel is accompanied by authentic Italian restaurant Piano Piano Kathmandu and vegan-friendly restaurant Everfresh.  It is a contemporary hotel that has a minimalist aesthetic with an emphasis on natural light and a collection of art on the walls.

The hotel Piano Piano is an upscale Italian Baccari-style restaurant that is organized around a central bar. The hotel provides you with 12 hours of service. You can have refreshing drinks and rich-flavored Italian dishes. At the hotel, you can dine-in, in outside the seating area, and curbside. You can find different offers and discounts during the special occasion. You can spend your quality time at Piano Piano in a peaceful and classy environment. 

Therefore, a memorable and comfortable stay requires finding the best hotel in Kathmandu. You can guarantee a memorable experience by carefully considering variables like location, budget, lodging, and services.

With its excellent location and first-rate services, The Nomad Hotel stands out among Kathmandu’s hotels as one of the top options. When planning your trip to this stunning city, make sure to thoroughly research the best accommodations available. Consider choosing the Nomad Hotel to ensure a truly unforgettable experience. 

  • Elegant Accommodations: 

The beautifully decorated rooms at the Nomad Hotel will welcome you with comfort and style. Each area has been carefully planned to create a calm and unwinding atmosphere, making it the ideal retreat after a day of exploration. Every visitor is given the utmost comfort and convenience, whether they stay in one of the standard rooms or the premium suites.

  • Excellent Service: 

At the Nomad Hotel, every visitor is given a friendly welcome and shown true Nepalese hospitality. Your every need and desire will be met by the accommodating staff, who are committed to making your stay memorable. The staff at Nomad Hotel goes above and beyond to make your stay truly exceptional, offering personalized recommendations and prompt room service.

  • Unbeatable Prices: 

The Nomad Hotel is of the opinion that luxuries shouldn’t be expensive. You can take advantage of the finest accommodations, amenities, and services without breaking the bank thanks to competitive rates that provide incredible value for money. Because Nomad Hotel is dedicated to offering the best value, you can enjoy unmatched luxury at a reasonable price.

If you have found enough reasons thus far, make your reservation on Tripadvisor or contact us directly and feel the difference and experience Nomad Hotel Lazimpat as the best hotel in Kathmandu.


FAQ’s on The Best hotel in Kathmandu

What makes Nomad Hotel Lazimpat, the best hotel in Kathmandu?

Situated in a prime location in Lazimpat, Nomad Hotel Lazimpat offers best-in-class hotel rooms in Kathmandu with top-notch room services. The mouth-watering delicacies and Italian delights offered by Everfresh n Cafe and Piano Piano Kathmandu definitely make us the best hotel in Kathmandu. 

What are the check-in and check-out times?

The check-in and check-out time is 2 PM and 12 PM respectively. However, we offer early check-ins and late check-out options based on availability.

Where is Nomad Hotel located?

Nomad Hotel is located in Lazimpat. Lazimpat is a prime location in Kathmandu and a peaceful neighborhood while only a 5-minute walk from Thamel. It can act as your center point to navigate the outskirts and suburbs of Kathmandu. If you have any difficulty finding it, you can find us on google maps : Nomad Hotel Lazimpat.

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